Vegas Cannabis Lounge will provide adults 21+ an upscale venue to safely and legally consume their cannabis products without the fear of getting busted or fined. As you drive around Las Vegas you will see many recreational cannabis dispensaries scattered throughout city selling every kind of marijuana product you can think of. The most commonly asked question from a tourist when purchasing recreational marijuana is where can I legally consume my cannabis in Las Vegas? It’s a question that’s tough to answer because the law says that you can only consume marijuana in a private residence. Without marijuana consumption lounges in Las Vegas, where does that leave visitors? Las Vegas Marijuana Lounges are necessary to provide a place for tourist to consume their cannabis. Consumption is prohibited in hotels, especially ones holding gaming licenses. If you consume cannabis in a Las Vegas hotel and casino you risk hefty fines and possible removal from the property. Gaming is federally regulated and has taken a clear stance in their opposition to recreational and medical marijuana. They don’t support it or permit it on the properties. Vegas Cannabis Lounge will provide a legal place for consumption for tourist and residents alike!


Las Vegas Cannabis Lounge


Las Vegas is known for its extravagant nightclubs such as Hakkasan and Omni. But when it comes to Las Vegas Cannabis Lounges, it’s a completely different feel. There is no need for outrageous chandeliers, just a chill atmosphere where you can come and roll one up, socialize and vibe. Comfort and fun times come to mind. Vegas Cannabis Lounge is a place where you can meet new friends, play a game of chess, and enjoy a premium coffee all while indulging in your favorite green!

When you check-in at the Vegas Cannabis Lounge you will have the option of selecting which consumption devices you would like to use such as the Volcano vaporizer, glass pipe, bong, dab rig, and of course, natural rolling papers. All glass stocked in the Vegas Cannabis Lounge is American made and is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before each use.

If you are anything like us, you’re probably wondering about the snacks! We’ve got you covered. Embrace the munchies! We will be offering a full menu of delicious foods carefully thought out to please the cannabis connoisseur and foodie alike. Once you get settled in you will realize why we are the best Marijuana Lounge in Las Vegas! There is something here for everyone! If you want to just chill on the couch and watch the game, it’s all yours! Or maybe you want to fire up the Xbox and play a game? You can do that too!

All games aside, we made sure to build Vegas Cannabis Lounge to be a fun and stimulating environment that pairs perfectly with cannabis consumption, coffee, and food! Be sure to subscribe and follow us to find out when marijuana lounges will be legal in Las Vegas! We are patiently waiting to open for you.


Come vibe at the most exclusive Marijuana Lounge in Las Vegas! The moment you enter the consumption lounge you will feel the energy-charged atmosphere scented with some of the finest cannabis in Nevada. The positive vibes are sure to take over your mind body and soul. Welcome to the premier Las Vegas Marijuana Lounge! An experience that you are sure to remember. Allow one of our hosts to show you around and assist you with selecting your preferred consumption device. Get comfy, pack a bowl and enjoy! With our premium sound system, celebrity DJ’s and diverse music selection, Vegas Cannabis Lounge plays all the right songs to vibe to. It doesn’t matter if you arrive solo or in a group, we have plenty of space to comfortably accommodate you and your guests. Vegas Cannabis Lounge has everything you need to feel right at home including plenty of munchies and lots of drinks!


Don’t get caught consuming cannabis behind the wheel either or risk a DUI! Having a Las Vegas Marijuana Lounge will help reduce cannabis-related DUI charges by providing discount codes for ride-sharing applications and offering its own lounge transportation vehicles. Our shuttles will take tourist to and from their resorts and the dispensaries. Unfortunately, marijuana cannot be consumed in a vehicle of any kind. That means your wild dream of consuming marijuana on a pot bus is out the window. The need for a Las Vegas Cannabis Lounge is greater than ever before! If you think you can consume your cannabis products in a park or out in the open, think again! You risk a $600 fine for your first offense and it continues to multiply with each repeating offense. Vegas Cannabis Lounge would prevent tourists from having to “sneak a toke” and hide in the shadows of the city using the cannabis they just legally purchased. It is our responsibility to the industry and to the tourist visiting our city to provide a legal place to consume marijuana in Las Vegas. As for now, our opening is postponed due to the current laws and regulations preventing any Marijuana Lounges from opening In Las Vegas.


The idea of legally purchasing and consuming marijuana In Nevada was once a dream. In 2017 it is now a reality! You can come from anywhere in the world and purchase recreational marijuana in Nevada if you are over 21 years of age. After you purchase your bud, you will need a place to consume it!  Our Las Vegas Cannabis Lounge aims to provide a one of a kind experience for consumption and socialization in Nevada. We are making history here and the world watching us. We must deliver an unforgettable cannabis consumption experience. To do that, we must surprise and delight our guests at every chance we get. Visiting a Marijuana Lounge while in Las Vegas is an experience that so many have been waiting for. When you think of cannabis lounges or social clubs, most people think of Amsterdam Coffee Houses. We are taking the Amsterdam experience and elevating it to new heights.


Marijuana is an excellent gateway to socialization. When consuming marijuana people often become more relaxed and open to having discussions about all kinds of topics. Cannabis is known to open your mind and breed new levels creativity. Knock down the barriers and start thinking outside of the box. Nothing gets the thoughts flowing like a good Sativa and shot of espresso! You will be surprised by the diverse group of people you will meet at the Vegas Cannabis Lounge. All walks of life, with various professions, from all over the world! When you bring everyone together at the best Marijuana Lounge In Las Vegas, the kind of social experience that takes place is magical. New friendships will be made, great conversations will be had and brilliant ideas will be born. Vegas Cannabis Lounge is the #1 spot to socialize  and consume in the city!


What makes up the best marijuana lounge in Las Vegas? Ask one of the hundred people we surveyed and they will tell you it’s the perfect blend of fun adult activities that stimulate the mind and create a social experience with cannabis. Somewhere you can relax and feel safe and comfortable while consuming your recently purchased products. Food! Don’t forget the food! Excellent munchy satisfying grub. Vegas Cannabis Lounge has surveyed both marijuana consumers and non-marijuana consumers to find out exactly what they would like to see in a lounge. This valuable information has helped us create the best Cannabis Lounge experience in Las Vegas. 

One thing is for certain, a marijuana lounge in Las Vegas has to be exceptional. We have designed our lounge to be unique and appealing for all of our loungers. You can visit our Las Vegas Cannabis lounge many times over and not do the same thing twice. With various activities going on in different areas of the lounge, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy. You can trust that Vegas Cannabis Lounge will cater to your consumption!

Las Vegas Marijuana Lounge